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CARDIOFIX is a development of one of the largest international pharmaceutical companies, specializing in the creation of high-quality dietary supplements aimed at improving the cardiovascular system. The availability of all the necessary European certificates makes it the best not only in Kenya. According to statistics, more than a million people around the world have been able to start a new life for themselves with CARDIOFIX, and now they are advised by friends and family.

At the same time, there are opposite opinions that the drug CARDIOFIX is a hoax , because it is allegedly impossible to find it in pharmacies. In this article we will take a close look at all the myths and find out where the truth lies. We will discuss its side effects, negative opinions and medical opinion.


We conducted a study to find out what CARDIOFIX is and we got this answer : it is a unique combination of natural ingredients, macro and micro elements, whose active ingredients promote the functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, improve blood circulation and stabilize blood pressure. The CARDIOFIX supplement, who manufactures it from Global Partners Ltd., is available in the form of capsules.

The drug CARDIOFIX is a supplement that performs the following functions :

  • strengthens the walls of blood vessels;
  • improves blood circulation
  • stabilizes cholesterol levels;
  • restores normal heart rhythm;
  • eliminates the risk of heart attack and stroke.

CARDIOFIX what is it for?

The drug is used for the following conditions:

  • heart failure,
  • hypertensive crisis,
  • coronary heart disease,
  • heart attack,
  • stroke,
  • impaired cerebral circulation,
  • diabetes mellitus.

As is known, CARDIOFIX is a food supplement based on natural herbal extracts, designed to support heart health and indicated for all types and forms of hypertension. It is suitable for people of all ages.

What does CARDIOFIX contain? Components of the drug

To improve the biochemical processes of the heart muscle and eliminate the problems of the cardiovascular system, only effective natural ingredients have been selected and included in CARDIOFIX: Omega 3, Nettle Roots, Hawthorn, Riboflavin, Thiamine, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12. The characteristics of these components of the supplement are given in the table:

Omega 3It helps reduce the risk of heart attack, ischemia, stroke, atherosclerosis and thrombosis. Especially useful in the recovery period after a heart attack.
Nettle rootsIt normalizes kidney function, increases the concentration of red blood cells and reduces the amount of glucose in the blood. It also lowers blood pressure.
HawthornThe oil of this plant stimulates blood circulation, saturates the coronary vessels with blood, normalizes the heartbeat and removes harmful substances from the blood vessels. Hawthorn also has a positive effect on the body in tachycardia and arrhythmia.
riboflavinRelieves anxiety, creates a barrier to anemia, oxygenates cells and helps reduce vascular tone
ThiamineNormalizes carbon and lipid metabolism, stimulates cardiac activity, stops vascular aging, increases general immunity.
Vitamin B6Reduces cholesterol levels and normalizes vascular activity in the head area.
Vitamin B12It has many benefits for the vessels of the brain, improves memory, increases stress tolerance and has a positive effect on the organs of vision. It also helps eliminate sleep disturbances.

How is CARDIOFIX used? Leaflet and dosage

For the treatment of high blood pressure, the CARDIOFIX supplement should be used according to the package insert. It is recommended to take 2 capsules a day during meals with a large glass of water. If necessary, the dosage can be increased under medical supervision.

The clinical picture improves and stabilizes within 4 weeks of taking the food supplement. To increase the effectiveness of CARDIOFIX, it is necessary:

  • giving up a bad lifestyle (if you have one);
  • eat a balanced diet, avoid junk food;
  • take the drug only according to the leaflet.

If you are careless about these instructions then even the most effective remedy will not work as well as you need.

Contraindications and side effects of CARDIOFIX

CARDIOFIX has minimal contraindications and side effects because it is a herbal medicine that contains a combination of herbal extracts known to have medicinal properties. These herbs have been carefully selected so as to produce a reduction in heart problems without creating unwanted side effects.

Clinical studies have shown that the only possible side effects of CARDIOFIX are that it causes slight drowsiness. Therefore, it is good to be careful when driving or avoid traveling

The main contraindications to taking CARDIOFIX are:

  • hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients;
  • severe renal and/or hepatic insufficiency.

Research and clinical trials of capsules

The CARDIOFIX supplement has undergone all the necessary research to prove its safety. The tests were carried out on more than 1,000 volunteers. Furthermore, the drug was tested in the best laboratories in Europe and the United States before being marketed. The drug has received all necessary approvals and quality certificates , which are posted on the official website.

CARDIOFIX and Altroconsumo reviews

Altroconsumo is considered one of the largest independent consumer protection organizations in Kenya. The main mandate of the organization is to receive complaints, as well as to advise and provide legal protection to citizens. All information about the drug can be easily found on its official website. So CARDIOFIX getting in Altroconsumo is an important point, as it shows that it is considered of quality in every sense of the word.

You won’t be able to find a CARDIOFIX review on Altroconsumo right now, but the manufacturer is working hard to have one appear in the near future.

CARDIOFIX and the Ministry of Health opinion, Minsan code

The Ministry of Health has expressed a favorable opinion on the use of the drug CARDIOFIX (Minsan Code: 966984). The supplement is indicated for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, in particular to reduce the risk of cardiovascular events such as myocardial infarction and ischemic stroke. The drug is generally well tolerated and no significant side effects have been reported.

Where can you buy CARDIOFIX? Is it in the pharmacy? Jumia price

Is it in the pharmacy? Unlike many drugs intended for cardiovascular health, CARDIOFIX is not available in any pharmacy in Kenya. If you want to buy CARDIOFIX at the best price, you should only buy it from the manufacturer’s official website.

Direct sales give the manufacturer the opportunity to interact with customers and receive direct feedback from them, enabling them to better understand their needs and deliver more valuable products and services.

A pharmacy or even Jumia are popular places to shop, but not in the case of CARDIOFIX supplement. Since the company refuses to cooperate with drug stores, it is impossible to buy CARDIOFIX in pharmacies. The same goes for some large online stores. Therefore, it is impossible to buy CARDIOFIX on Jumia, at least not the original product.

According to the manufacturer’s official statement, he has never sold the drug through Jumia. A possible fake is indicated by too low a price. It is surprising how the retail price can be lower than the one officially declared by the manufacturer.

Cost of CARDIOFIX on the official website

To find out the actual price of the product, the best solution is to visit the manufacturer’s official website and find all the information. For example, on the official website it is not only possible to know how much CARDIOFIX costs , but sometimes it is possible to see some offers to buy it with a discount, which can go up to 50%. Of course, it is much easier to control and adjust the price due to lack of cooperation. Current price – 39 euros.

CARDIOFIX negative opinions: scam or does it really work?

Some people, despite the product’s perfect reputation, believe that CARDIOFIX is a scam. Negative opinions can be taken with a grain of salt. After all, it is a dietary supplement that can have different effects on different people. Most of the negative reviews are based on the fact that some people didn’t get the desired results. This happens in some cases in particular:

  1. people often end up on sites that sell real scams, so that after buying them they write that the capsules are hoaxes;
  2. there are some people who don’t follow the instructions on the drug package after buying it;

Below you can read real CARDIOFIX reviews from doctors and customers.

CARDIOFIX medical opinion on professional forums

Medical opinions about CARDIOFIX are generally positive. Doctors often praise the medicine’s effectiveness for treating high blood pressure, heart symptoms, and preventing cardiovascular disease. Here are some medical opinions on the supplement:

Lately I see more and more patients with high blood pressure. In order to avoid worsening the situation, I strongly recommend starting treatment immediately. I prescribe CARDIOFIX. The drug has a gentle effect on the body and helps eliminate the causes of hypertension. The improvement is noticeable from the first days of taking the capsules. Unlike drugs created on a synthetic basis, this remedy does not cause side effects and is very well tolerated. The result after a full course of treatment is pronounced and persistent. Maximum long-term remission is achieved.

Agnello Valenti, cardiologist, 15 years experience, Milan

Hypertension is the scourge of our time. It is a terrible condition that no one can predict. It can lead to very dangerous consequences. This is why you need to start fighting it right away. A large number of antihypertensive pills have only a superficial effect on the disease, which leads to the need to take medications for life. CARDIOFIX, on the other hand, acts at the heart of the disease, strengthening blood vessels and increasing their elasticity. It already works after taking the first capsule; it reverses the onset of a seizure and most seizures by changing vascular cells to healthy cells. This natural supplement is very effective and most importantly, it can be used for both prevention and control of hypertension.

Prospero Molinari, general practitioner, 19 years’ experience, Naples

CARDIOFIX reviews users on forums

Many users have used it successfully and have spoken positively about it on forums. Most users have reported noticing a drop in blood pressure within two weeks of starting therapy. Patients also reported having fewer symptoms associated with high blood pressure such as headaches, dizziness and fatigue. Also, some users have reported that the drug is well tolerated and has no serious side effects.

In general, most users have reported a positive experience with the drug. Here are some of the CARDIOFIX reviews:

I have been taking CARDIOFIX tablets for a few months to normalize my blood pressure and I am very satisfied with the results. I have noticed a clear reduction in symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, tiredness and shortness of breath and I feel better. The tablets are easy to take and I haven’t had any problems taking them. The health benefits I have received are excellent and the price is also very reasonable. I highly recommend this product to anyone with high blood pressure.

Eva Grilli, 28 years old, Turin

My blood pressure was going up and down several times a day and I didn’t know how to stabilize it anymore. I’ve tried everything at the pharmacy. I finally found the CARDIOFIX and I no longer see the high blood pressure. I was finally able to rest easy and live my life to the fullest.

Donata Natali, 42, Florence

It’s great medicine. I have had high blood pressure for almost four years now. Sometimes I was able to tolerate it, but very often I was afraid that some vase might burst. Naturally, I went to the doctors and took various pills. But when I stopped swallowing them, it all came back. Then I started taking CARDIOFIX and the pressure stopped bothering me. I finished the course in the spring, and during the whole summer and autumn my blood pressure didn’t rise even once.

Sergio Quarta, 45, Venice

Dr. Iliya Trendafilov

Director of the Research Center ``National Center for Medical Research'', doctor of medical sciences, winner of several national awards, therapist, nutritionist. Work experience: 42 years.